Daria & Roberto



Made up by Daria (vocals) and Roberto (acoustic guitar).
The use of a “loop station” allows Roberto to change the sound from Acoustic Guitar to Electric, Bass, Hammond organ and more. He plays, records and layers on different parts until it seems like the whole orchestra is playing.
Daria, with help of another gear, can switch around special vocal effects. Change reverb and harmonies to create a different and even more suggestive feeling for each and every song.
It all happens live, in front of a curious audience. Every gig is a unique show.
Winners of “Musician of the Year 2012-2013” aboard of Disney “Fantasy”.

Their song list includes Pop, Blues, Rock and Italian music. Their cover songs comprise artists ranging from Rihanna and Lady Gaga to Andrea Boccelli and Pink Floyd. You will hear distinctively different versions of well known songs, as well as be surprised by some tunes nobody else does in acoustic. A good example of this is “Stairway to Heaven”, packed with the beat, bass and an excellent electric guitar solo, all done by Roberto on only one acoustic guitar.
Dari’as deep strong vocals will make you forget your thoughts. She sings in different languages and will even come up with new tunes a cappella by mixing her vocals.

Occasionally perform on Disney Cruise Line ships in Florida, USA.

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