Paul Moss

One Band Man


Paul Moss is very talented artist with many credits under his belt.
As a Songwriter he has proven himself by having “Your Eyes” (lyrics & music by Paul Moss)  included in the soundtrack for Benvenuti in Amore”. As a Singer he can give you everything from blues, to rock, to pop and even throw in a little light opera. His voice has been described as smooth, seductive and passionate.  And passionate he is.  With his remarkable range he sings with such feeling that you would swear he has experienced every word of every song.

He is a much sought after musician.  An accomplished guitar player, he has was the lead guitarist for Alexia (a Pop star in Italy), and also collaborated with her on the album “Con il Cuore a Modo Mio”.  In the United States he was chosen, for both his vocals and guitar playing, to perform in a show produced by Face Productions.  This show, POP, ran for several weeks at the Sands Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Paul has also played several of the major casinos on the world famous Las Vegas Strip.
Besides playing guitar, Paul is also accomplished at the bass, drums harmonica  and keyboard.

Paul has performed worldwide, in venues large and small and has won competitions too numerous to mention. He has a passion for music and after 30 plus years in the business he is as fresh and exciting as the day he started.
He continues, to this day, to win the hearts of all who come to see him.  He does this not only with his music, but also with his genuine appreciation and love for his audience.

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